Why should I use Kit It Out over other agencies?
KIO are specialists in Buy-to-Let furnishings and know what is required to get the best out of your property, with minimum time and effort from you. We uniquely finish each apartment individually, providing you with the edge in a continually competitive rental market. We provide professional staging of apartments for viewings and choose all our items for their look and durability, offering the best value for money on buy to let furnishings without compromise on design.
How long does it take?
Our furnishing turnaround is very quick as we continually hold stock of all the main pieces – apartments are usually furnished ready for viewings in 3-4 days as long as you have secured an installation slot. These are allocated on a first come first served basis – although we try our best to get you a slot as close to your completion as possible.
I have chosen a collection – what happens next?
To go ahead, all we need from you is a signed booking form (which we send on) and payment. From there we will pick up your keys, furnish and stage your apartments, send you and the agent the photos, and drop the keys back. This speeds up the letting process and is one less thing for you to worry about.
I am not in the UK – what do I need to do next?
We can arrange to complete the booking form and payment via email and an Electronic Funds Transfer
Do I need to use one of your existing collections?
We are flexible– if you would like to combine packages or request additions / deletions from the existing packages, this is no problem at all. We can make the necessary changes and email your personal quote to you as part of our free quote service. If you are looking for something at the higher end of the market, we also offer bespoke collections.
I will not be visiting the apartment following the furnishings – how can I see what has been installed?
Once we complete an apartment, photos are taken and the images sent to you and your chosen agent. It speeds up the letting process and is one less thing to consider.
Can we get a reference?
Many of our commissions are through recommendations from satisfied clients – and as such we are happy to pass on details of other clients / agents that have seen our work.
Why are there cheaper alternatives than Kit It Out?
Kit It Out is synonymous with a high quality – and as such we do not offer the low end packages. We do ask that when comparing our quotes against other suppliers that you take the time to look at our photos - as a direct comparison of list items only will not highlight these differences. We uniquely choose the best items from multiple suppliers to ensure that you receive the best quality items at a competitive cost. Our supplier network extends throughout the UK and Europe.